Thai Constellation vs Monstera Albo: Which One to Grow?

Monstera is one of the plants that indoor growers love to bring home. It’s known for there larger leaves that instantly elevate the aesthetic of any space. But, when it comes to varieties, two popular ones often steal the spotlight.

Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation, in particular, are two types that are getting much attention.  If you’re looking for a variegated plant. These two Plants are the best options to add to your collection.

Both are known for their unique variegation patterns and stunning appearance. But which one should you choose? Let’s begin our comparison between monstera albo vs Thai constellation.

Monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation

Understanding the Basics of Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation

The Unique Characteristics of Monstera Albo

Monstera Albo

The Albo Monstera, also known as Monstera deliciosa albo, is recognized for its intricate variegated leaves. Enhances indoor spaces with a touch of elegance.

This plant is known by various names such as Monstera Albo Borsigiana, Monstera Borsigiana Albo, Albo Variegated Monstera.

Its stable variegation leaves with splashes of white color or cream color. This is due to a genetic change affecting chlorophyll production and stabilizing the stripes.

This unique pattern makes it a sought-after plant among collectors and plant enthusiasts.

It can be propagated through cuttings. However, the stability of variegation may vary in new plants, with its distinct white color and variegation.

Monstera Albo stands out among other houseplants. For those looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their indoor. The tissue culture of this rare plant is worth considering.

The Distinct Features of Thai Constellation

The plant is known as Thai Constellation, which is also referred to as Monstera Thai Constellation. It’s a unique plant with leaves resembling night sky constellations. This plant is easily identifiable by its smaller leaves, contributing to its allure and beauty. This is one of the plant’s distinguishing characteristics.

Unlike the Albo Monstera. The yellow and white speckles on the dark green leaves of the Thai Constellation are more prominent and more noticeable. The difference between the colors makes a mesmerizing effect and immediately draws the eye.

Thai Constellation

A genetic mutation was the cause of this striking variation in appearance. It’s causing a lack of chlorophyll in some regions of the leaves. Finding more Thai plants has become more difficult because they demand them. Also, its price is significantly higher than other varieties.

However, maintaining the stability of variation can be more challenging with this variety. The variegation in Thai Constellation tends to be less stable. so it may need more care and attention to keep the unique pattern intact.

Despite the potential challenges, the beauty of Thai Constellation is undeniable. With its vibrant colors and celestial-like markings, this plant is a charming addition to any collection of plants.

Whether you pick Monstera Albo or Thai Constellation, each plant has its style and beauty. That can make any room look better.

So, whether you’re a seasoned plant owner or getting started with green things. These different kinds of Monstera will captivate and enchant you.

Delving into the Variegation Types

The type of variegation in a plant is controlled by its genes. There are significant distinctions among the various types. Plant lovers can enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of these plants more if they know how they change.

The Variegation in Monstera Albo (monstera borsigiana albo)

Monstera Albo exhibits a unique variegation pattern with white leaves coloration on its leaves. Known as albo variegata.

This striking feature is caused by mutated cells that lack chlorophyll. What makes Monstera Albo even more fascinating is that this striation can be seen in both mature and new leaves of the plant.

The plant needs to get enough light and water to keep the different colors.

The Variegation in Thai Constellation

Thai Constellation, also called Monstera deliciosa variegata. Its leaves have a very interesting pattern that resembles the night sky or stars.

Splashes and spots of white or yellow, including mint monstera, give it a beautiful look that makes it stand out from other types of Monstera.

Even on the same plant, the leaves with different colors can have different designs. Some have smaller spots, and others have bigger splashes. It needs the same care as other types of Monstera to keep its various colors.

To maintain the splendor of this unique and exquisite plant. Provide it with sufficient amounts of light and water.

Monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation plant

Comparison: Monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation

AspectMonstera Albo (Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo’)Thai Constellation (Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’)
LeavesVariegated white and green leaves with unique patternsVariegated cream and green leaves with striking variegation
Size and ShapeFlourishes in bright indirect light protects from harsh sun exposureLarge, split leaves resembling Monstera deliciosa species
PriceGenerally considered rare and valuable, commanding higher pricesTypically more expensive due to its distinctive variegation
WateringRequires moderate watering; allow the top inch of soil to dry before re-wateringRequires moderate watering; avoid overwatering to prevent root rot
FertilizationFlourishes in bright indirect light protect from harsh sun exposureMonthly fertilization with balanced nutrients during active growth
SunlightThrives in bright indirect light; avoid direct sunlightProne to root rot if overwatered or in poorly drained soil
SoilRequires well-draining, aerated soil mix to prevent waterloggingFlourishes in well-draining soil mix with good aeration for root health
Temperature and HumidityPrefers warm and humid conditions; maintain indoor humidityRequires warm and humid environment; misting or humidifiers can aid growth
Common ProblemsTypically grows upward with a natural inclination to trail as it maturesVulnerable to root rot with excessive moisture; maintain proper drainage
Additional PointsCoveted for its unique variegation patterns on leavesAdmired for its cream and green variegation, adding elegance to indoor spaces
Growth PatternGenerally grows upward, suitable for climbing supportsTypically grows upward with natural inclination to trail as it matures

Comparative Analysis: Monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation

Similarities between the Two Varieties

  • Genus and Family: Both Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation belong to the genus Monstera and the family Araceae.
  • Leaf Structure: Both plants have large, glossy leaves characterized by their distinctive fenestrations or holes. This characteristic is what makes Monstera plants so appealing and sought after.
  • Climbing Nature: Albo and Thai Constellation are both climbers by nature. They use aerial roots to anchor themselves to trees and ascend towards the sunlight in their native environment. As indoor plants, they can be trained to climb with the help of supports such as moss poles or trellises.
  • Aerial Roots: Like other Monstera varieties, both Albo and Thai Constellation develop aerial roots. The plant uses these roots to attach and support its growth.
  • Similar Care Requirements: Both cultivars have similar care requirements.
  • Propagation: New plants can be grown by propagating in water or soil using stem cuttings.
  • Adaptability: Both cultivars can adapt to indoor environments. That is why it is a popular choice for indoor plant enthusiasts.

Differences between the Two Varieties

  • Variegation: The most noticeable difference between these two plants is their variegation. While Albo has leaves with clear white stripes. Thai Constellation is a speckled pattern resembling night sky constellations.
  • Leaf Color: Albo has green leaves with white variegation. While Thai Constellation has a mix of white-green or purple varieties.
  • Leaf Shape: Another difference lies in the shape of the leaves. Compared to the two plants, Albo leaves are bigger and have more white spots, called “fenestrations.” whose leaves are smaller and have fewer holes. Albo is a whole plant, whereas Thai Constellation is a variegated cultivar of Monstera Deliciosa.
  • Availability: Albo plant is rarer and more difficult to find than Thai Constellation. Due to its popularity, Monstera Albo often sells at a higher price and may be harder to come by in plant nurseries or online shops.
  • Growth Habits: While both varieties are climbers. Monstera Albo grows more vigorously and can reach impressive heights with the proper support. However, Thai Constellation is more compact and grows slower, making it suitable for smaller indoor spaces.

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How do you foster variation in your Monstera plant?

Variegation refers to the unique patterns of color. That can appear on the leaves of certain plants, including Monstera.

First, ensure your plant is exposed to bright indirect light. Also placed in a location shielded from direct sunlight. Variegated plants generally need more light in comparison to plants without variegation. So placing your Monstera in a bright spot near a window can help promote variegation.

Mist in leaves also helps to maintain humidity. Fertilize with the proper nutrients, prune them to encourage new growth, and cut leaves that don’t have stripes. 

You can create a stunning and unique Monstera with beautiful variegation with time and patience.

Which Variety is More Cost-Effective?

The Thai Constellation variety of Monstera may be a better option for cost-effectiveness. Due to its popularity and availability. Thai Constellation plants are often more affordable than Monstera Albo. If you’re looking for an attractive and budget-friendly choice. Thai Constellation is the way to go.

Is There Any Difference in the Careing?

Both plant care routines are the same. They flourish in bright, indirect light areas. Consistent watering is needed to prevent overwatering and underwatering. It is crucial to use soil that drains well to avoid root rot. Additionally, regularly removing dust from the leaves aids photosynthesis and maintains cleanliness.


Monstera Albo from the green leaf family displays a stunning half-moon pattern on its leaves. It’s like a minty surprise for our eyes!

On the other side, we have the Thai Constellation Monstera, hailing from Thailand. This superstar boasts creamy and green leaves, making it a standout. Both are from the same Monstera Borsigiana family and have nodes where new leaves grow.

As they grow, their leaves get bigger, and the color of the variegation shines. So, who wins in the “Monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation” match? Well, it depends on your style and choice. Both are champions, bringing a touch of nature’s artistry to our homes!

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