How to Get Rid of Bees in a Holly Bush : 6 Best Ways

Bees are attracted to flowers. That’s just a simple observation from a simple act of nature. But, when they are fiercely attracted to your holly bush and you or when your family members have allergic reactions to bee stings. Understandably, you need to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Bees in a Holly Bush

There are a few ways to go about this, including using cucumbers, orange peels or oil, Marigolds, and Mint plants. Keep in mind that there is an ongoing problem with the loss of bees worldwide. So do your best not to end up killing them, as they are vital to equilibrium in nature. 

It’s an unfortunate problem with honeybees and bumble bees these days—bad enough that many small gardeners are resorting to germinating their plants. Because no bees are showing up to do the job nature intended for them, so getting creative when it comes to repelling them. 

Plant Lots of Marigolds

 Holly Bush

The smell of marigolds repulses honeybees and bumble bees alike. Fortunately, marigolds are easy to plant and cultivate, though their aesthetic may not vibe with your holly bushes.

When it comes to snails and slugs, you’ll have plenty of nature’s love for a good barrier of marigolds, but that love won’t come from bees. Marigolds need at least 6 hours sunlight each day and a reasonable water routine. 

Fortunately, that’s about all marigolds need for your bee repulsing prospects. So long as sunlight for half a day is a factor, you are free to get creative with where you decide to plant them.

Fresh Mint Repulses Bees as Well

If you decide to plant mint, you not only get the advantage of the local bee population but suddenly realize that your garden stinks. But also the added benefit of trying your own organic mint tea leaves. 

As you might imagine, Mint has a pretty strong aroma, far stronger than marigolds. So the effect of the mint you plant will have a much larger radius, especially on days when the wind is pretty calm.

Sliced Cucumber

It seems such a waste of good cucumber to slice and dice it before spreading it out amongst your holly bush, but it is quite effective. If you grow your cucumbers, you can either spare a few on the side to get the job done, or you can nitpick.

Certain worms like to attack and feed on your cucumbers. And it’s especially problematic if you prefer to be completely organic in your cucumber cultivation because it’s harder to keep those ravenous little warms off your plants. 

Nitpick the cucumbers, looking for the ones invaded by our wormy little friends. And slice them up, tossing the slices around the holly bush. Bees hate cucumber aromas, just like mint and marigolds.

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Other Methods That Offend Bees

More things repulse bees than just the plants you grow and use. At the same time, some would point you in the direction of essential oils. There is no reason to go there; besides, essential oils would probably do your holly bush more harm than good.

Baby Powder

Sure, it will probably not be the prettiest look with baby powder sprinkled all over your lush holly bushes. But, you don’t have to use too much of the stuff, especially if you only have a moderate bee problem in the spring. 

Like all of the above, bees detest the aroma of baby powder and will steer clear of it when they can. 

Bitter Almond Oil

This stuff is only useful if you find where the bees are nesting. You don’t want to spray it directly on the bushes as that may be more harmful to the bushes than anything else. 

But, if you locate where the bees are calling home base, spray a healthy amount of this stuff around their home, and they will happily vacate the premises in a hurry. They hate the stuff. 


This is perfect. A holly bush already comes with that Christmas vibe, and what better aroma to add to the Christmas spirit if not cinnamon? Unfortunately, cinnamon is very potent stuff, and you don’t want to sprinkle it on top of or even around your holly bush. 

Like the Almond Oil, take the cinnamon to the source. Locate where the bees are holing up for the night and sprinkle some good old cinnamon all over the place. They’ll be on their way out before the next morning. 

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Final Thoughts

Some other tricks didn’t quite make our list. Such as the fact that you can spray their home with vinegar solution as well. Bees also harbor a particular hatred for basil. So that’s a new herb you might consider cultivating around your holly bush. 

There are plenty of natural ways how to get rid of bees in a holly bush. So pick whichever works for you but, most importantly, stay safe!

Source: –If bees are visiting your holly bushes, you are blessed.

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