How to Get Rid of Pricker Bushes : Best Solutions

Thorn bushes are a prickly nightmare in the garden or lawn if they grow out of control. Even though some have ornamental fruits or flowers, the larger they grow, the more invasive they become. Many homeowners have encountered this problem but don’t know how to get rid of pricker bushes. 

 You can get rid of thorn bushes manually or use herbicides. But before you read the step-by-step guide, you must identify the thorn bush: How big is it? Are there many bushes? Can you remove the bushes safely? 

Identifying and Removing Pricker Bushes 

pricker bushes

Decorative pricker bushes can have other benefits aside from aesthetics. There are decorative and invasive pricker bushes. Some people grow them for medicinal purposes, and others for security. It is easy to maintain such bushes.

Invasive pricker bushes are unwanted and grow to large, disturbing sizes. Lucky for you, by the end of this post, you will know how to remove and forget about them for good! 

 Smaller Pricker bushes 

Use a rooting shovel to dig down around the thorn bushes for rooted bushes or vines. Ensure you push down the shovel as you dig down to uproot the bushes. Smaller Pricker bushes are easier to remove; if they are not rooted, you can cut or pull them without hassle. 

After uprooting the bushes, wear sturdy gloves, then grab the small thorn bushes from the stem. Since fewer prickers near the roots, you will get lesser or no welts.

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Overgrown Pricker Bushes 

Overgrown thorn bushes are bigger, so you must cut the branches first – and as low as possible to remove them. Long-handled branch trimmers and a pair of gloves will do the trick here. Be careful not to use a chainsaw or other power tools because they may catch the branches and throw the prickers back at you. 

After cutting down the branches, use a shovel to dig around the bushes as you would with small thorn bushes. 

How to get rid of pricker bushes

Getting rid of large pricker bushes requires the right tools and protective clothing. These include:

  • Long sleeve shirt 
  • Long pants
  • Protective boots
  • A hard hat
  • Thick gloves
  • Safety goggles 
  • Spade
  • Shovel 
  • Work overall cloth 
  • Heavy twine

Follow the steps below to remove large thorn bushes.

  1. Put on your protective clothing. Before you go close to the thorn bushes, ensure you have your boots, overall cloth, gloves, hat, and goggles on. Pricker bushes have tough thorns that can cut through your skin. 
  2. Bundle the branches of the bushes using the heavy twine from bottom to top. Bundling the branches confines the bushes for a stress-free removal. 
  3. Cut off the branches and leave them packed together. 
  4. Pry around the bushes using a shovel. Removing the topsoil until you can see the roots will help you through the rest of your digging. 
  5. Dig down 9-14 inches around the circumference of the large pricker bush and keep the pit 12-18 inches from the bush. Doing this allows you to dig deep and wide sufficiently to remove the whole root system.
  6. Use the shovel and start digging around the roots. If you encounter any stubborn roots, use a spade to cut through them. Keep prying around the roots and remove the remaining bush using your hands. Remember to watch out for the thorns. 
  7. Fill in the dugout space with new soil. 
  8. Enjoy a bush-free garden or yard. 

Disposing Removed Thorn Bushes 

The easiest way to dispose of the uprooted thorn bushes and vines is by burning them. While burning them is quite problematic, smaller bushes usually burn down completely. Confirm if you require a burning permit before disposing of the thorn bushes. 

You can also bag the thorns and vines and take them to a trash dump near your area. This works best for overgrown and large thorn bushes. 

After eliminating and disposing of the thorn bushes, check for troublesome thorns on your protective clothing, especially in the fabric. 

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How to Get Rid of Pricker Bushes

Getting Rid of Thorn Bushes Using Herbicides 

If you cannot physically uproot the thorn bushes, you can kill the plants using herbicides. Wearing protective clothing is a must, and cutting down the branches is recommended. These measures guarantee your safety and produce satisfactory results. 

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Other tips for getting rid of thorn bushes using herbicides are:

  • Leave some parts of the branches exposed after cutting them to leave room for the herbicide.
  • Use glyphosate-containing herbicides or spray glyphosate on the exposed surface of the cut branches. 
  • Work on a sunny day (not windy or rainy) to allow for the herbicide to dry completely 
  • Expect to see the results in a week. You may have to repeat the process once or twice till all the bushes die. 

 Will Vinegar or Bleach Kill Thorn Bushes?

5% white vinegar and bleach are popular weed killers but are not fail-safe methods. Vinegar can kill the bushes in two to three days. Using bleach needs more work. You should cut the branches and pour bleach around the roots. Repeat this for several days to kill the plant and prevent future growth. The downside to using bleach is the damage it may cause to the soil. 

Dealing with Welts from Thorn Bushes 

Even if gloves protect you from getting hurt, there are slight chances of suffering from pricker welts. The first step when treating thorn welts is to dip the area with the welts in cold or iced water, which reduces the swelling. 

Next, wash the cuts and disinfect using rubbing alcohol to prevent infections. After cleaning the wound, apply an anti-bacterial ointment and cover the cuts with a bandage. For large, deep, or infected cuts, visit the hospital for further treatment. 

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Final Thoughts

These are only some ways to get rid of pricker bushes. Dealing with pricker bushes, whether large or small, is not anyone’s idyllic day! But after you get rid of them, and the space they occupy is clear, you will sigh with relief. Plus, if you unluckily get hurt in the process, you know how to treat those cuts. Hopefully this

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