Learn How to Train Your Plant to Climb Like a Pro

Choose the Right Pothos Variety

Choose a vining variety like Golden Pothos, Marble Queen, or Jade Pothos. These types are great for training .

Provide the Perfect Support

Pothos needs a sturdy support to climb. Depending on your desire and space, you may use moss poles, trellises, or a wall-mounted support.

Prune and Prepare the Plant

Pruning and preparing your pothos before climbing is necessary. Trim leggy growth to make a bushier plant. 

Introduce the Plant to the Support

Guide the pothos vines towards the support structure you have chosen

Encourage Climbing with Regular Training

Regularly train the vines by gently wrapping them around the support structure or weaving them through the trellis.

Monitor Growth and Adjust Support

Keep an eye on your pothos' growth. Check the knots often and modify them if they restrict the plant. 

Maintain Proper Care and Attention

Avoid direct sunshine to avoid leaf scorching. Water regularly, letting the soil dry out between waterings.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can transform your  pothos into an elegant and eye-catching display