Keeping Plants Alive on Vacation: Watering Tips for 2 Weeks

If you love plants and have several of them in your home. I understand your pain in going on vacation. When you have many plants in your house, nobody is available to caring them. It’s quite concerning.

If you go somewhere for a day or two, it won’t be a big problem. But if you go for 2 weeks, it becomes a big concern. Because without water, the plants cannot survive such a long time. 

But as it is a problem, there is also a solution, even if you do not present at home for 2 weeks. Some methods allow you to fulfill your plant water needs. Below I’ll discuss how to water plants while on vacation for 2 weeks. If you follow that method when you return from vacation, your plant will be as healthy as ever.

Recently our family went on a 2-week trip to India. And no one was here to look for our plants. So I used those methods. When I returned from vacation, to found my plants thriving. They get water I give them in my normal routine.

Make Necessary Arrangement 

Before you embark on your vacation, You need to make a few arrangements to make your plant watering easy. Here are a few steps to take before you go:

Arrange your plant

Arrange your plant

First, you need to gather your plants in a particular place. So it is easier to water them. Place the plants in a place that does not get direct sunlight. But gets some indirect sunlight.

If plants get more sunlight, their water needs will also increase, so you need to choose a location where they get a little sunlight but less heat.

Arranging plants also enhances the humidity in the surrounding air. Which is extremely beneficial for numerous species of plants and reduces moisture evaporation. So they required less water.

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Arrange plants as per their watering needs. 

After bringing the plants to a particular place, you must divide them according to their water needs. It will help you to manage watering when you are on vacation.

It is important to comprehend the watering requirements of each plant as they differ from one another. Some require watering once or twice a week, while others need to be watered every other day. Having this knowledge will assist you in establishing an effective watering routine.

Water properly just before you leave 

Before going on vacation, water the plant sufficiently. So the water comes out through the holes in the bottom of the Pot. and keeps watering until you feel the soil is completely soaked.

That way, you ensure the soil is wet before leaving your house. Which also helps you set up your watering methods. 

Mulch the soil

To maintain soil moisture, spread a mulch layer around your plants’ bases. This will also provide insulation and protect against extreme temperature fluctuations. Mulching not only helps retain moisture but also acts as insulation for the roots of your plants. 

Test your system 2 before you leave.

When you decide on what watering system you use. Test the system a day or two before you go so that you know that your watering system is working as per your plant.

Because if your watering setting doesn’t work as per your plan. The plant will not get enough water, and they can even die. So applying your system 1-2 days before you leave for vacation is important. If there is any issue, you can solve it and make sure that your plant gets as much water as you want. 

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Best method how to water plants while on vacation for 2 weeks

There are a few methods that I use when I go on vacation. Those are easy, useful, and work for me. You can use 2-3 methods simultaneously if desired. This can aid in determining which method is most effective for you. So that in the future, when you go for a long vacation, you have your own proven, tested method available.

Bury A Plastic Bottle

Burying a plastic bottle is one of the popular methods to keep your plants hydrated. while you’re on vacation for 2 weeks. This DIY method ensures plants get the needed water without overwatering.

Take a plastic bottle and fill it with water. Then, create small openings on the cap or the sides of the bottle.

Bury the bottle upside down near the roots of your potted plants or garden bed. As the water slowly seeps out, your plants will stay well-watered during your absence.

Use Self Watering Planters

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Self-watering planters are Another popular method. These clever planters have built-in reservoirs. That provides a consistent water supply. So you can say goodbye to worrying about your plants drying out.

Whether you have houseplants or outdoor plants, self-watering planters are reliable. They work by allowing the plants to draw water from the reservoir as they need it. All you have to do is fill the reservoir before you leave, and your plants will have access to water for up to two weeks.

Try The String Method

The string method is another way to maintain the moisture levels of your houseplants. You can easily create this DIY method. Use a piece of cotton rope or a shoelace. By utilizing this technique, you can water 4-6 plants. But how many plants you can be watered depends on the size of the water container. If the container is larger, you will be able to water a greater number of plants.

Start by placing one end of the rope in a water container and burying the other half inch in your potting soil. Make sure your water contender is above your pot.

The rope will act as a wick, drawing water from the container to the plants as needed. This method is especially useful for potted plants and works well for smaller indoor plants or those with shallow root systems. Before embarking on your vacation. Check the setup to ensure it gives out the right amount of water and doesn’t cause overwatering.

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Place A Saucer Underneath The Pot

A useful tip for watering houseplants while on vacation is to place a saucer under the pot. Fill the saucer with water, providing that the pot doesn’t touch the bottom.

The plant will absorb moisture through its roots, ensuring it stays hydrated. The DIY technique is effective for plants that need a steady moisture supply. Such as ferns or tropical plants. Before you leave, check the soil moisture and adjust accordingly.

Create A Mini-Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is ideal for when you go on vacation and must ensure your houseplants stay hydrated. Cover your plants with clear plastic bags or containers to create a sealed environment.

This DIY greenhouse helps keep moisture and creates a humid atmosphere. Find a spot with indirect sunlight, and provide enough space between the leaves and the covering to prevent mold or rot. Before covering the plants, make sure to water them thoroughly.

Invest In An Irrigation System

Investing in an irrigation system ensures that plants receive proper water while you’re away. Whether you choose a drip irrigation or sprinkler system. These setups efficiently water your houseplants.

Drip irrigation delivers water to the roots, minimizing evaporation and maximizing moisture absorption.

Sprinkler systems offer widespread coverage for larger areas or garden beds. Before your trip, test and adjust your irrigation system based on your plant’s watering needs.

Get A Plant Sitter

Getting a plant sitter is a solution for those who worry about leaving their houseplants unattended for two weeks. Hiring a plant sitter is a great way to ensure your plants receive the care they need while you’re on vacation. Provide detailed instructions to the plant sitter about watering schedules. If any particular plant requirements are specific watering.

Choose a reliable and knowledgeable plant sitter. Who understands the specific requirements of your plants?

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Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Help

You can ask your friend or neighbor for help watering your plants while on vacation. Selecting someone you trust to care for your plants. Before you ask for help, explain the watering requirements of each plant. Best if you place a note near each plater as per their water need.

Houseplant Bath

Another option to keep your plants hydrated while on vacation is to give them a “plant bath.”

First, fill either a bathtub or a large basin with water. Submerge the pots in the water, ensuring the level is below the rim. This will enable the plant’s roots to absorb water through the drainage holes at the pot’s bottom. This method can provide a water reservoir for your plants to draw from while you’re away.

Not all plants can tolerate being submerged in water for long periods. So research which plants are suitable for this method before trying it.

Watering Bulbs

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Watering bulbs have been designed to release water into the soil. They give a steady supply of water for you.To release water into the soil, fill the bulb with water. Place it near the plant’s roots in the soil.

This method works well for indoor and outdoor plants. Also, bulb size can be adjusted based on the plant’s water requirements.

Plant Self Watering Spikes Devices

These devices function by dispensing water into the soil. To use a self-watering spike, you insert it into the soil near the plant’s roots. The spike absorbs water from a water bottle, wine bottle, or reservoir through its porous material. As the soil around the spike dries out, the water is released, providing a slow and steady moisture supply to the plant.

Adjust these spikes to release water at different rates to meet your plants’ demands. They are easy to use and save busy plant caregivers from watering their plants.

Automatic Drip Method (With App)

An automatic drip method with an app is a convenient and high-tech solution. Set up a drip irrigation system connected to a smartphone app. The app allows you to schedule a watering timer and control watering sessions for your plants. Track and adjust the watering schedule from anywhere. So you can enjoy you’re on vacation.

If you have a larger garden or a variety of plants with different water requirements, this automatic watering system is ideal for you.

How do you water your tropical plants and succulents while on vacation for 2 weeks?

Watering tropical plants and succulents on vacation for 2 weeks can be challenging. However, there are a few techniques you can attempt to maintain their health and hydration.

Installing a self-watering system for your plants is advisable. Take a plastic bottle or bucket and fill it with water. Place the container on a raised surface, such as a chair, ensuring it is positioned above your plants. Then, insert one end of a shoelace, wool, or thread into the bucket or plastic container. Bury about one to one and a half inches of the other end in the soil.

Keep succulents out of direct sunlight, particularly in winter. If you’re traveling in spring or summer, place your succulents near a window or air vent to help them breathe. Additionally, positioning your plants close together may increase humidity. Mostly if your house is dry in winter. 

Can Plants Survive Two Weeks Without Water?

The ability of plants to survive without water for two weeks depends on several factors.

The kind of plant. The circumstances of the environment and the general health of the plant.

Without water, most plants struggle to survive for long periods. Some plants have a greater capacity for resilience and adapting to restricted water supply. But in general, it is difficult for plants to do so.

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How To Water Plants While On Vacation For 2 Weeks


As you understand, watering your plant while on longer vacations is not a big issue if you know how to do it. Following the above method, you can do your vacation without worry. Hopefully, I can properly answer your question about “how to water plants while on vacation for 2 weeks”.

But testing your system for 1-2 days eatery before leaving is important to ensure it works. Track the water level in the bottle or bucket before you leave. If it is getting low, refill it to ensure your plants stay hydrated throughout your two-week absence.

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