How to Get Rid of Giant Rhubarb : 6 Best Solutions

A perennial vegetable that can grow and thrive in different climates, giant rhubarb generally requires low maintenance to flourish in your garden. This means it will need very little attention and care from you. 

However, the plant is invasive and can affect other plants and block drainages and people’s access paths over time. It can even encroach on your neighbor’s property. Thus, it is important to cut them or remove them from your garden to avoid any future damage and inconvenience. 

Yes, the plant is easy to grow, but it is much more difficult to eliminate. How to get rid of giant rhubarb in your garden by removing or killing it requires special methods. You must take preventive steps in the removal process to make sure that the plant is removed permanently and it doesn’t grow back.

How to Get Rid of Giant Rhubarb

Giant rhubarb is a low maintenance perennial plant. It can easily thrive in your garden in various climates.

Having said that, the following are the steps to effectively remove giant rhubarb from your property:

1. Cut Off the Stalks and Leaves

Using a sharp pair of pruning shears, carefully cut off all the rhubarb leaves and stalks. This way, you will have easier access to the plant’s main stalk. Once everything is clear, you can completely remove the stalk from the ground.  

Remove all the rhubarb leaves and stalks using a pair of sharp garden scissors or pruning shears. This will give you better access to the main stalk of the plant so you can remove it.

2. Dig Around the Giant Rhubarb Stalk’s Base

Get a trowel and use it to dig around the stalk’s base. To loosen its hold on the soil, rock the rhubarb stalk back and forth. Continue to dig and rock until you feel that you can already pull out the giant rhubarb stalk from the ground.

Refrain from tugging at the stalk too hard, as this might cause it to snap. What you want to do is to get rid of the entire plant, including some of its roots, at least. Once this is done, discard the stalk properly by putting it in the garbage or compost bin.

3. Dig Around the Giant Rhubarb

Dig around the remaining rhubarb plant. Make sure to dig at least 4 feet deep. Remove as many of the remaining roots as you can see as possible. However, some roots may still remain after this process. Just keep in mind that the more roots you are able to remove, the more productive your efforts will be.

4.Prepare Lawn Weed Killer Solution.

Make sure to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions in preparing the lawn weed killer. Most of the similar products available on the market can also kill giant rhubarb. The best lawn weed killer to use would be the broadleaf type that is formulated with Dimethylamine salt and is specifically intended for lawn use.  

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5.Follow Package Directions in Spraying the Weed Killer

Spray the lawn weed killer on the area the giant rhubarb was located, following the instructions printed on the product’s label. Allow the area to remain undisturbed for a few hours. Refrain from watering the area or using sprinklers for around 24 hours.

giant rhubarb in my garden

6.Remove New Giant Rhubarb Sprouts Immediately

Once you notice new giant rhubarb growth, remove them right away. Don’t wait until they have grown and done some damage before doing something. If you notice a few giant rhubarb plants sprouting, consider reapplying the weed killer. 

Remember that giant rhubarb thrives easily in most climates and are quite low maintenance. Thus, you need to find ways how to get rid of giant rhubarb sprouts earlier, or it would be difficult to remove them later. 

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Final Word

Follow the steps provided in this post to help you get rid of unwanted giant rhubarb in your garden. While there is no 100% guarantee that giant rhubarb will not grow again in the future, you can make sure that the perennial veggies will not grow out of control and cause damage to other plants or your or your neighbor’s property. 

If you need help in controlling giant rhubarb growth, seek the help of professionals. Let them do the task for you.

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